Cali Paws Mobile Grooming - All Dogs & Cats  -  Professional & Affordable
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                     Grooming Services

We have experience working with all breeds, and all personality's. From young puppies, to  elderly dogs, to cats of all ages and temperaments. 

All Grooms include;
-Hypo Allergenic Oatmeal Bath
-Hair cut of your choice
-Deshed and tidy up
-Nail Grinding
-Ear plucking & cleaning
-Anal gland expression
-Teeth Brushing
-A bandanna and/or bow

We also offer;
-Medicated Shampoo
-Flea & Tick Shampoo / Tick Removal
-Spot on Flea & Tick Treatment
-Whiting Shampoo
-Skunk Baths
-Paw Moistening Treatment
-Nail Painting